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The antenna is most decisive for the performance of an EME system. The radiated power is predominantly determined by the size and the make of the dish. The electrical pattern of the antenna as well determines the sensitivity during reception periods.

My 10m dish has an f/D of 0.5. The reflector is made of stainless steel mesh with a grid of 8x8mm.
The weight of the dish with the feed, the feedhold and the relevant cables is 820kg. There is no counterweight required.
The dish survived the hurricane 'Lothar' which hit Switzerland in december 1999. Some forests close to the dish site have been destroyed and many buildings desintegrated.

10m Dish, f/D 0.5, 8mm stainless steel mesh, hydraulic control for azi and el

hydraulics close-up picture: courtesy OE9ERC The tons of steel are under hydraulic control

Hydraulics require solid design Elevation Control Full Size 10m in the Sky

the shadow of the feed in the center of the dish

History of the Antenna
First, the antenna had to be taken from its mountaintop site to the workshop...

Unfortunately, the Helicopter crashed shortly after our job We could not transport the dish on the road I was particularly happy to see it flying since it was really heavy for the small helicopter

Then, a new tower had to be built and the new site prepared.

The screws are M33

March 10 1997 the antenna is erected in the new place.

The tower is 10m high Belive me, its heavy! Al hydraulic components are on this plattform.

The Dish flys in from workshop

The helicopter could take 2400kg on 850m above sea level. The dish was 2370kg! The dish had to be airlifted to the EME site

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