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Contact HB9BBD
Category: Miscellaneous, Created: 2001-10-14 15:25:27

If you want to send me a mail

Loc: JN47EE
Longitude: 8° 22' 30'' East
Latitude: 47° 11' 15'' North

EME station HB9BBD is located approx. 20km south west of Zurich.

A map of Switzerland showing my Location. We live in a small village of 1000 people This is the place where we operate a contest site. The lake is the lake of Zug, north of Rigi Pilatus is the dominant mountain in the Lucerne area We hiked all the way up to leave the fog behind us.. A Sunday morning journey to Rigi This picture was taken in the morning of March 10 1997, the day when the dish was erected

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